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Abundant Floral Beauty in Lush Wedding Flowers

My definition of “lush” is abundant in greenery or filler flowers, dense in structure, has a look of "freshly picked" flowers or foliage, and can be vibrant in color or neutral and giving the greenery the focus.

When we are talking about bouquets, size does not define whether it is lush or not but the liveliness of the design creates the lush feel. And this is true for both fresh flowers as well as premium silks or real touch. In many cases the design is random and loose. It gives our designers the opportunity to demonstrate the beauty of what nature intended. And frankly it is one of our favorite ways to work.

Adding ribbon, fabric, or lace adds a charm that can accentuate the brides dress and veil. Many have referred to this as a “hobo” bouquet. “Shabby Chic” is another term that I have heard. No matter what you call it, it is beautiful.

This is the time of the year that there are very few wedding but we are busy working on weddings for 2020. Our brides are currently developing their Wedding Inspiration Planning Guide and we are advising on what flowers and decor will work for their special day. Planning in advance allows room for changes.

We highly recommend that you put your Wedding Inspirational Planning Guide together. We will show you how to do that in our next blog. For examples of beautiful lush bouquets, read “35 Lush Bridesmaids Bouquets and Wedding Flowers” which is on the Bride’s website. Here is a link. If you are interested in a lush bouquet, contact us. We would be happy to design a bouquet which is perfect for you!

Stop by and see us at the 2020 Today's Bride Show on January 25 & 26th at the I-X Center in Cleveland. For more information about the show and how to join Today's Bride, here is a link to their website.