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Don’t Forget to Set A Budget for Wedding Flowers

Setting a wedding budget is difficult but it is the most important activity you can do before you commit to any vendors. Many couples have not done their due diligence when it comes to researching the cost of their wedding. Once they know how much money they can spend, they do not devise a plan on how everything will be financially covered.

Here is the problem. By the time a venue is booked, catering is selected, invitations are purchased, a DJ has been chosen, etc., the florist becomes an afterthought. And in many cases, the budget has been depleted.

Before committing to any vendors, list out all your wedding expenses. Today’s Bride has free printable planners. These 50+ helpful pages will help you know what questions to ask, keep every detail organized, and will keep you on budget. Add these pages to a binder to create the ultimate wedding planning resource.

If you are interested in knowing the average cost for wedding flowers, call many different types of florists. I cannot speak to the cost of real flowers but I can share with you my own experience regarding silk and real touch flowers. Many individuals consider these flowers as a low cost choice. That is a myth. Premium quality silks and real-touch are not cheap due to the manufacturing process.

Interested in finding out how much of your budget to allocate for our flowers? Contact us by email or phone, 440-832-0237.

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